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MGF Kempenrit 2008

Kempenrit 2008

This year's Kempenrit started with sun and no clouds, not like last year. The reception was very friendly again and we were conducted to a special lane corresponding to our MG, as there were special lanes for colors and limited editions.

After a coffee break with Pascal and taking some pictures we started the run with the others.

Kempenrit 2008
Kempenrit 2008

The Roadbook took us this year to an ice-cream parlor where everybody stopped to change a voucher for an ice-cream.

Unfortunately the restaurant "La Salsa" was closed this year, so we had lunch at a restaurant near a castle with a little lake.

After the lunch we enjoyed the last part of the Roadbook. But, Kempenrit is not Kempenrit when there is no rain, so a little rain appeared at the end of our run when we arrived back to the starting point. Only or a few minutes of rain, then the sun came out again.

We enjoyed talking with old and new friends and had a lot of pleasure to look at some amazing MG's like this with Lambo doors.

Kempenrit 2008


Film MGF Kempenrit 2008

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