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MGF Kempenrit 2007

July 29

Kempenrit 2007

July 29. In the morning the weather was extremely wet. It did not stop raining and we went around the parking place with umbrellas talking to other enthusiasts. After a cup of coffee and getting the roadbook we started the tour. We cruised through deep woods with small roads and even unhardened roads like a jeep rallye. We also stopped at an apple plantation where we all got a bag with apples. Then we started on tour again and had a fantastic lunch at a south-american restaurant.

Kempenrit 2007

Kempenrit 2007

After the lunch in the restaurant "La Salsa" by eating fish (was it Piranha?) the sun came out and shot away the rainy clouds ... ahhhh what a feeling to drive open ...

Restaurant "La Salsa

Was it really Piranha ???

And later in the day my daughter Kim had the opportunity to drive the MG TF (LE80) for the first time !!!

Kempenrit 2007


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