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Hunsrueck Meeting 2007

August 25 and 26

This year the Hunsrueck-Meeting took place on August 25 and 26. Still raining on Friday, the Saturday morning was very sunny, like the whole weekend. Then the MG train started and we enjoyed nice places, good restaurants, quick serpentine roads and lots more.

We crossed several vineyards at the river Mosel and Rhine. The roads through this vineyards were extremely small.

Hunsrueck 2007
Hunsrueck 2007

Along these deltas we also met a lot of castles. From all these castles, we visited the castle Eltz (

We drove through some old and lovely villages with narrow passages and nice people who enjoyed our ride by making hand signs.

Hunsrueck 2007
Hunsrueck 2007

And we took a ferry to set over the river Rhine at Bingen-Ruedesheim. This was very exciting and for us the first time ever on a ferry with our MG. There are only few bridges over the Rhine and that's why lots of ferries are still working.

And we crossed some strange things on the road like this one.

If in future our MG will be out of order, instead of dropping it on a scrap heap, we will park it at the front of our house and plant many flowers in it.

Hunsrueck 2007


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