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MGF Fest 2008

MGFest08, the special event of the year 2008 ! I have no words to describe it correctly, you have to feel it. Friendly organization, fantastic staff, hot and beautiful weather with nearly 30 degrees, frenzy, amazing, outstanding ...

Saturday was the first day with several competitions like Pride of Ownership, Fun Driving Test, Reverse Steer MGF, Loudest Exhaust, Digital Photography, Team Games, and lots more.


The highlight in the evening was the Glow Car Parade after the dinner.


3 bands played live concerts, first Engine Room of the Apocalypse, then The John Verity Band and as last KRISIS.

Thanks to all and special thanks to John as he gave me the OK to take music from his CD (that I bought at the concert) for the MGFest Film.

Sunday morning, time for the Heritage Road Run starting on the NAC MG factory square at Longbridge. Only a little group of MG's were selected to take part of the Heritage Road Run. The run traveled through the Warwickshire countryside and finished at the Heritage Motor Centre where one after the other entered the Arena with a commentary on the car.

Then the competitions continued until the afternoon.

I hope Adrian has no hearing problems now as he was the controller for the loudest exhaust, hehe.



Film MGFest08

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